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Academic & Vocational Education

Academic and Vocational Resource Links: Below are free on-line courses that are generally high quality but may or may not relate to areas of poverty and non-western cultures Please let us know if you have other links that may be useful to students and teachers in areas of poverty.

Research and Analysis

James Toole Research on Poverty Education

Free Education on the Web

US Federal Agencies
Whatcom College
Carnegie Mellon
University of Washington
Johns Hopkins
Notre Dame

Agricultural Resource Links: Below are a few websites with information related to agricultural businesses. Let us know if you have other suggestions useful in areas of poverty.  You can help SJA provide lesson plans, case studies, and other resources helpful both globally and for specific local circumstances..

General Information:
US Conservation Standards
Livestock and Poultry Systems
Feeding of Livestock and Poultry

Poultry Farming
A Beginners Guide
Poultry Wikipedia
Breeds of Poultry
Day Old Baby Chicks
Care Tips for Baby Poultry
Sex Determination
Breeder Management
Incubation and Embryology
Egg Quality
Poultry Farming Best Practices
Making A Chicken Coop
Small Scale Coop Design
More Coop Design Ideas
Poultry Disease
Avian Flue

Lesson Plans:
University of Illinois
Bishop Burton College
Livestock and Poultry Environmental Stewardship
California AG Education