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Become a SJA Teacher Partner

Contact us if you would like be a SJA teacher partnering with us to provide students with spiritually integrated academic and income earning vocational skills. Some syllabi do not require teachers with a university or even high school education but simply a strong aptitude for teaching a specific age group and an in depth understanding of the specific syllabus. Classes may be conducted in formal or informal settings, including training on the job with a SJA business partner. Short and long term unpaid volunteers and those requiring a teaching stipend are desired.

Please email a summary of your abilities and experience along with recommendations from your Catholic Bishop or other approved Christian Church leader validating your ability to teach a specific subject.

You will have access to growing resources provided by curriculum developers, business partners, and financial donors. You will also benefit from dialogue with other SJA teachers in other parts of the world. Our highest priority is to provide SJA teachers with resources that engage students while respecting curriculum standards, testing requirements, and local economic and cultural specifics.

Teachers and syllabi developers contribute to and receive SJA resources with an Internet connection to our centralized secure server. We expect to develop online study material and exams for each subject to help the teacher validate and monitor each student’s progress.

Teacher and student records are maintained on the SJA central server with all administrative activities done in a highly secure online environment that uses the 128-bit security protocols.